Calm Spirit Offers Classes

Classes are being held at our newest location McIntyre Community Acupuncture and Wellness

Healthy Weight Cleanse – a 21 Day Cleanse & Learn Balanced Seasonal Eating

Introductory Meeting:

  • Nancy Harnum RN, MSA and Alexia Bennetts LAc will discuss details and overview of the 3 week program.
  • SP (Standard Process) Complete 21 day cleanse shakes, supplements, dietary journal, and recipes
  • 9 – Community Acupuncture (3 weeks – 3x a week)
  • 1 hour weekly group encouragement/support/seminar meetings – optional weigh-in and BP check with sample foods

Weekly Meetings:

  • food displays recommended for the cleanse and for long term health
  • samples of foods such as
    • soups
    • stews
    • shakes


  • Ear seeds and body acupuncture highly recommended 3x a week
  • Make an appointment for the community clinic during the following hours:
    Monday: 10am-1pm (Christy)
    Wednesday: 3pm-7pm (Christy)
    Friday: 3pm-6pm (Nate)
    Saturday: 9am-12pm (Nate)

The goals of this program:

  • To teach a 3 week jump start cleanse using whole foods and whole food supplements.
  • To learn seasonal, long-term healthy eating as Chinese medicine teaches.
  • Supporting gradual yet effective and healthy style weight-loss and over all health through increased energy level and promoting a sense of well-being, using diet, exercise and acupuncture.
  • To support metabolism to burn excess fat, speed up the breakdown of fatty tissues.
  • To relieve cravings through balancing organ systems.
  • To regulate appetite to decrease unnecessary food intake.
  • Diuretic effect to eliminate excess water accumulation.
  • Support spleen/stomach efficiency and bowel movements.
  • Support the body detoxifying toxins.
  • To instill and support long-term lifestyle changes with diet and exercise.
  • To help patients “tune-in” to their body and know when it is in balance and when it is not and if lifestyle changes are needed.
  • Help patients reduce stress.


  • $610 for first 21 day program
  • 9 – Community Acupuncture Treatments – (a $225 value!)
  • SP (Standard Process) Complete 21 day cleanse shakes, supplements, dietary journal, and recipes… (a $220 value!)
  • 1 hour Sunday afternoon weekly group support meetings – optional weigh-in and BP check with sample foods

Program begins 1 week after first meeting to give everyone a chance to buy and prepare all foods, veggies, soups etc… Preparation is essential!

If a patient chooses to continue meetings and acupuncture, $250 for 3 additional weeks.


Gentle Flow:Indulge yourself in this fun, gentle Vinyasa-inspired flow! We’ll focus on unleashing movement and warmth, and fully supported Restorative poses. it’s nice to balance all your scheduled demands with a bit of “me time!”… These are all-levels class that will leave you sailing with a smile!

Find Your Space:This practice offers a meditative flow experience focusing in the breath as a guide for transformation. Through slowing down our movements and gravity aid, we dive deeper into the power of the breath, building strength, balance, focus and awareness. You will leave this class feeling strong connected, spacious and ready!

TAI CHI Differences

Chinese Style Tai Chi:Taijiquan blends exercise, posture, health and martial skill. Taijiquan commonly called Taiji or Tai Chi is a martial art that developed in Chen Jiaguo (Chen Village). It is based on the martial practice of the Chen family. It, like other traditional Chinese martial arts, incorporates Neijia (internal practices) and Waijia (external practices). Neijia are the Qigong (Chinese Yogic) practices involving cultivation of Jing (vitality), Qi (personal energy) and Shen (Mental Spirit). Waijia are the Qigong (Chinese Yogic) practices that are physical movements and postures (aka the “form”) as well as other exercises.

Korean Style Tai Chi:It is called Dahnhak Kigong. The forms are from the Ancient Han Philosophy of Korea. It is a Mind-Body Method of the Shin-seon-do (Taoist practices) of Korea.Basically, it is a way of naturally healing the body using energy principles of the Tao.

Essential Mothering

Calm Spirit Acupuncture & Wellness offers a breastfeeding support group that meets weekly on Tuesdays at 2:00 p.m. The group is facilitated by Erika Townsend, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and RN.

Bring your baby to our support group and enjoy the comfort of being with other new moms who are sharing similar experiences. We laugh, cry, talk, ask questions, and share in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

A $5 donation would be gladly accepted, but is not required.

Lactation Clinic with Erika Townsend, RN IBCLC

Private consultations with Erika are available Tuesdays after the Breastfeeding Support Group. Call Erika at 720-587-7212 to schedule an appointment.