B Strong Ride; August 11, 2012

We recently received the below letter from our close friend Dominic. Dominic is asking for support for a worthy cause, read his story and we think you will understand why we have shared this letter with you.

Even if you cannot help with a donation, be sure to hit the ‘like’ or ‘share’ buttons to help spread the word and to show your support.

Thank you from all of us at Calm Spirit Acupuncture.


Friends and Family,

I am participating in the Bstrong ride in Boulder on August 11th in support of cancer patients and survivors.  There are countless individuals effected by cancer that are less fortunate and have a difficult time paying co-pays and deductibles while fighting a deadly disease.  Please support my team, and my personal story follows:

On Friday, May 4th 2012 my Family Doctor informed me that a CT Scan indicated cancer. A biopsy was completed on Monday, the results returned on Wednesday and surgery Thursday. The Monday following surgery a 4 cycle, 21 day per cycle chemotherapy protocol began. The diagnosis was stage 3 testicular cancer.

Obviously a whirlwind life-changing event. Hopefully, my final treatment is July 30th. Scans will be completed days after this race to determine the necessity of surgery or further treatment. As of today, my tumor markers are within normal ranges and tumors have had significant improvement. Thank God!

This ride will without a doubt be difficult for me a mere 12 days after 84 days of chemo therapy, but I feel compelled to do what I can for the multitudes of people affected with cancer that need financial, spiritual and psychological support. The George Karl foundation and Livestrong foundation are the perfect organizations to supply these resources for people afflicted with cancer.

The money I raise will support LIVESTRONG’s programs and services, which inspire and empower people affected by cancer. Funds also support the George M. Karl Foundation and the new Inpatient Cancer Wing at Boulder Community Hospital locally.

Please support my efforts and join me in making a difference for the 28 million people living with cancer around the world. No donation is too small – every dollar counts. The link below will transfer you to my web page for this event.  Also please join us in the ride. Those of you who are advanced riders may need to be pulling me and/or pushing me over the hills. ;0).  Jeff Johnson said a ski rope!! 

To donate and/or join the rideclick here.

Thank you.