Chinese Herbal Travel Kit


Gan Mao Ling or Yin Chiao- These are two of the most popular Col/Flu remedies in Chinese Medicine. They come in pill, powder or liquid for children or adults. They are best to take in the first stages of a cold like when the sore throat, stuffy/runny nose and body aches start. These generally help shorten the length and severity of the colds/flu.

Cut and Sore Ointment- Instead of the ointments full of petroleum-based products try the Blue Poppy Cut and Sore ointment.  This Ointment has great natural oils and Chinese herbs to relieve pain and what Chinese medicine calls “engendering flesh”-also known as promoting healing of skin and tissue.  It is red ointment from the herbs so it looks like cuts and sores are bloodier than they are when it is applied and smells a bit like patchouli but it really works.

White Flower Oil- This is a wonderful topical pain relieving liniment for sore muscles, stiff necks, and achy backs. It has a variety of essential oils including lavender, eucalyptus, wintergreen, and menthol. After long days of walking and traveling, rub this on your legs and feet to improve circulation and rejuvenate. It can help itchy bug bites and may even repel some insects. The aromatherapy effects the essential oils are relaxing and invigorating, they may support recovering from jet lag, anxiety, fatigue, or the homesick blues. On planes and new places there are sometimes bad ambient odors occur dab some on you neck so all you smell is minty aroma.  Sprinkle some oil on the source of the odor (stinky shoes/feet, dirty laundry, etc.)

Curing Pills- These I always make sure I have these on hand.  For little kids they come in a liquid form and tiny tablets.  They are great for about any type of loose stools and upset stomach and it generally works fast.  Also headaches due to hangover are another ailment these are known to help with.

Huang Lian Su/Huo Hsiang Chen Chi Shuei- These are for stronger cases of upset stomachs, these tiny herbal pills or liquid form are an incredibly effective remedies for traveler’s diarrhea, food poisoning, nausea and vomiting.  These work very quickly on bacterial type infections. I used them a few years ago in Mexico for “Montezuma’s Revenge or Giardia” and it only took a day or two to feel back to myself again.  The liquid can taste pretty bad but it is worth the relief it offers. Wherever you are this is a good thing to keep on hand just in case: when you need it you probably won’t feel up to getting out to a doctor’s office or a pharmacy.

Bi Yan Pian- This is a very useful formula for most nose, ear, sinus, eye, and throat problems (colds, allergies, sore throats from postnasal drip, sinus headaches, itchy eyes, some types of cough, etc.)  It is well know to open the nose.  Several of the ingredients have antiviral properties.

Ginger candies- I find these delicious and spicy. They are known for treating nausea from morning sickness and motion sickness.  Some say they are soothing to an upset stomach, and helping ears “pop” with altitude changes like on an airplane or in the mountains. Ginger is also used to treat mild colds and flu manifesting with body aches and chills, what Traditional Chinese Medicine call invasion of cold.

Herbal Pain Plasters or Pain Patches- These are one of our most popular herbal products, we sell hundreds a month because they are effective.  They are useful for many ailments, from sore muscles, traumas or injuries.  They are similar to the Yunnan Biayao Patches but contain different herbs to move energy and blood to promote healing and give pain relief.  Sore tight backs, shoulders, knees… these are great to keep on hand.

Yunnan Baiyao- The Yunnan Baiyao is a very famous formula in China and even has much sot after patents. It is an incredibly powerful remedy for treating traumatic injuries, stopping bleeding, preventing and treating infection.  Topically it can be used for cuts, scrapes, bruises, even serious wounds like gun shots. The unique aspect of Yunnan Baiyao is it can be taken internally for internal bleeding, broken bones, severe bruising, sprained joints, infections, women with heavy periods, infections and abscesses. We typically use the external patches and liniments more then the internal forms.


And that’s basically our most used Chinese herbal products to help though some of the more common travel health conditions.  Of course if you are on medications these should be discussed with your doctor and your acupuncturist before using.


   Wishing you healthy and fun travels!

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