Facial Rejuvenation 10 Course of Treatment

Facial Rejuvenation 10 Course of Treatment with Mini Facials and Facial Acupuncture is here again! 

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Look Younger the Healthier Way!

A course is 10 treatments, that is 2 treatments a week for 5 weeks. It is safe, healthy alternative to cosmetic surgery or injections and it can roll the clock back about 5-10 years.  Research shows the protocols can have lasting effect for 3-5 years.  We take before and after pictures.  Generally we need to do a 10-15 minute phone or in person consult to be sure this is a good fit (several needles in the face and realistic expectations).  The treatment will be 20-30 minutes of acupuncture, and a mini facial 30 min (done with Jennifer or Diana) with all Eminence organic cleansers, variety of choices of masks and peptide serums, as well as a 10 minute aromatic head massage at the end.  Normally this course of treatment/facials/product/herbs cost is $1200 but for a limited number of people we will do it for $800 (this includes the 10 treatments, sample kits of Eminence care products (right for your skin type),  herbs to balance from the inside out if they are needed).

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