Gallbladder Health


Gallbladder Health
Written by Leslie Burgess ND, Naturopathic Doctor, Calm Spirit Acupuncture and Massage

What are some treatments practiced to improve gallbladder function?
As some of you may know, your gallbladder is partly responsible for fat digestion.

  1. Taking fat (meat, avocado, fish, dairy, nuts) out of the diet for a period of time (not forever) may be helpful because fat breakdown is taxing to an overstimulated gallbladder.

Referred pain is often felt surrounding the right shoulder blade with gallstones but work in the area can be helpful for gallbladder related complaints.

  1. Acupuncturists work on shoulder points around the shoulder blade to improve gallbladder function.

You can also get massage/bodywork on this area for relief.

There are a number of herbs that help to improve gallbladder function, one of which is Hydrastis Canadensis (golden seal) and bitter foods will help with digestion and gallbladder function. Arugula, Brussels sprouts, and grapefruit are good examples of bitter foods.

  1. Naturopathic doctors use herbs along with diet changes to improve gallbladder function

Diaphragmatic breathing helps the intestinal muscles relax decreasing excess pressure on the liver and gallbladder.

  1. When placing your hand over the diaphragm you should feel your abdominal area expand, pushing your hand forward as you inhale and retract as you exhale. A typical count to aim for is a 5 second inhale and 6 second exhale.

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