Learn to Eat Longevity

21 Day Cleanse &
Learn Balanced Seasonal Eating
When: Sunday October 11th, 4PM
What: Introductory Meeting
Where: 5211 McIntyre Street Golden CO 80403
How: Call to reserve spot 303-467-5337
Introductory Meeting:

  • Nancy Harnum RN, MSA and Alexia Bennetts LAc will discuss details and overview of the 3 week program.
    • 3 week program includes:
      • SP (Standard Process) Complete 21 day cleanse shakes, supplements, dietary journal, and recipes…
      • 9 – Community Acupuncture (3 weeks – 3x a week)
      • 1 hour weekly group encouragement/support/seminar  meetings – optional weigh-in and BP check with sample foods

Weekly Meetings:

  • food displays recommended for the cleanse and for long term health
  • samples of foods such as
    • soups
    • stews
    • shakes


  • Ear seeds and body acupuncture highly recommended 3x a week
  • Make an appointment for the community clinic during the following hours:
McIntyre Community Acupuncture Schedule:
Monday: 10:00a.m.-1:00p.m. (Christy)
Wednesday: 3:00p.m.-7:00p.m. (Christy)
Friday: 3:00p.m.-6:00p.m. (Nate)
Saturday: 9:00a.m.-12:00p.m. (Nate)

The goals of this program:

  • To teach a 3 week jump start cleanse using whole foods and whole food supplements.

  • To learn seasonal, long-term healthy eating as Chinese medicine teaches.

  • Supporting gradual yet effective and healthy style weight-loss and over all health through increased energy level and promoting a sense of well-being, using diet, exercise and acupuncture.

  • To support metabolism to burn excess fat, speed up the breakdown of fatty tissues.

  • To relieve cravings through balancing organ systems.

  • To regulate appetite to decrease unnecessary food intake.

  • Diuretic effect to eliminate excess water accumulation.

  • Support spleen/stomach efficiency and bowel movements.

  • Support the body detoxifying toxins.

  • To instill and support long-term lifestyle changes with diet and exercise.

  • To help patients “tune-in” to their body and know when it is in balance and when it is not and if lifestyle changes are needed.

  • Help patients reduce stress.

  • $610 for first 21 day program
  • 9 – Community Acupuncture Treatments –  (a $225 value!)
  • SP (Standard Process) Complete 21 day cleanse shakes, supplements, dietary journal, and recipes… (a $220 value!)
  • 1 hour Sunday afternoon weekly group support meetings – optional weigh-in and BP check with sample foods
Program begins 1 week after first meeting to give everyone a chance to buy and prepare all foods, veggies, soups etc…
Preparation is essential!

If a patient chooses to continue meetings and acupuncture, $250 for 3 additional weeks