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11890 W. 64th Ave

Arvada, CO 80004


Calm Spirit Acupuncture and Massage is an acupuncture and massage clinic and Chinese herb pharmacy in Arvada that is designed to help you find the best way for you to heal. We strive to provide you with a relaxing and calming environment for your healing experience.

We use the traditional diagnostic skills combined with modern medical knowledge to help you find the root of the imbalance. At Calm Spirit our focus is on restoring your health and promoting wellness through:

Naturopathic Medicine
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Gua Sha
Tui Na
Diet & Nutrition
Facials – Skin Care


Open 7 days a week, 9:00am – 7:00pm

When coming for your acupuncture treatment it is best to have eaten within a couple of hours of coming, and to wear loose and comfortable clothing. It is best to not get chilled after your treatment so try to dress appropriately for the weather. First appointments typically last 60-90 minutes make sure you have allowed enough time for your appointment. Please bring any records that may be related to your ailments.

McIntyre Community Acupuncture and Wellness
5211 McIntyre St
Golden CO 80403



Community Acupuncture between $25-$45 a treatment (sliding scale)
5 Element Acupressure and Laser $125 Initial 90-120min, $75 follow-up or package of 5 for $300
Stop Smoking Package $380 – 3-week package (details below)
Yoga $12 drop in, $90 for package of 10 sessions
Tai Chi Classes $12 drop in, $90 for package of 10 sessions

The first yoga and Tai Chi class is no charge to try them out!
Herbs are still available for purchase at our original Calm Spirit location.


Community Acupuncture (Ignacia) 3:30pm-6:30pm

Yoga (Anne): 9am-10am
Community Acupuncture (Nate): 3pm-6pm

Community Acupuncture (Ignacia) 3:30pm-6:30pm

Community Acupuncture (Nate): 3pm-6pm

Tai Chi -Chinese Style (Nate): 8:30am-9:30am

Yoga (Adi): 3pm-4pm


Community Acupuncture: Walk-In appointments available when our sign is out!

Massages and Reflexology by appointment only.

Stop smoking with the help of Health professionals, the Mayo Clinic, and Acupuncture

4-week program includes:

  • FREE 60-min Interview/Consultation with a Registered Nurse.
  • 3 Step plan from the Mayo Clinic and individualized care.
  • Placement & Take home Acu-Ear Kit seeds to alleviate cravings.
  • Aculaser De-tox and Five Element Body work every week.
  • Community Acupuncture twice a week by appointment at 5211 McIntyre Street for support and well being.

Nancy Harnum RN has experience in Cardiac Surgery Research, is an Associate Professor in Public Health, and Graduate intern of Five Element Acupuncture & Body Work. Please visit Nancy’s LinkedIn page and staff info for more detail on professional background and education.

Healthy Weight Cleanse – a 21 Day Cleanse & Learn Balanced Seasonal Eating

21 Day Cleanse and Balanced Seasonal Eating Guidance
Next 3 Week Session (Dates Coming Soon!) at McIntyre Community Acupuncture and Wellness, 5211 McIntyre Street, Golden, CO

  • 21 Day Cleanse Shakes, Supplements, Food Journal, Meal Recipes and More
  • 9 Community Acupuncture Treatment Sessions
  • Weekly 1-hour Encouragement and Support Meeting
  • Program Director, Nancy Harnum, RN Provides Personal Consultations and Guidance
  • Change Your Lifestyle Eating For Good!
  • Walk ins Welcome Any Sunday at 4pm

Comprehensive 3-Week Program – $610.00
Call Nancy Harnum, RN to reserve 720-334-0126


Gentle Flow: Indulge yourself in this fun, gentle Vinyasa-inspired flow! We’ll focus on unleashing movement and warmth, and fully supported Restorative poses. it’s nice to balance all your scheduled demands with a bit of “me time!”… These are all-levels class that will leave you sailing with a smile!

Find Your Space: This practice offers a meditative flow experience focusing in the breath as a guide for transformation. Through slowing down our movements and gravity aid, we dive deeper into the power of the breath, building strength, balance, focus and awareness. You will leave this class feeling strong connected, spacious and ready!

TAI CHI Differences

Chinese Style Tai Chi: Taijiquan blends exercise, posture, health and martial skill. Taijiquan commonly called Taiji or Tai Chi is a martial art that developed in Chen Jiaguo (Chen Village). It is based on the martial practice of the Chen family. It, like other traditional Chinese martial arts, incorporates Neijia (internal practices) and Waijia (external practices). Neijia are the Qigong (Chinese Yogic) practices involving cultivation of Jing (vitality), Qi (personal energy) and Shen (Mental Spirit). Waijia are the Qigong (Chinese Yogic) practices that are physical movements and postures (aka the “form”) as well as other exercises.

Korean Style Tai Chi: It is called Dahnhak Kigong. The forms are from the Ancient Han Philosophy of Korea. It is a Mind-Body Method of the Shin-seon-do (Taoist practices) of Korea. Basically, it is a way of naturally healing the body using energy principles of the Tao.

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