Metta Guan Yin: The One of grace and foundational healing – Class

Being one of my favorite books on nutrition and Chinese nutritional therapy, I would highly recommend this next weekend, I did not know that he was teaching such classes. It sounds like practitioners and anyone else can take the class. If he is as good of a teacher as he is as a writer, this will be a great class;
We are pleased and honored to announce that Paul Pitchford, author of the landmark book “Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Traditions” will be teaching a weekend program in Denver, Colorado on September
22nd and 23rd.

Paul has assisted millions of people—including myself—with remarkable healing transformation in their lives through his writings, teachings, retreats, and innovative approach to health. He has masterfully blended the wisdom of both Eastern and Western therapies in developing a dietary approach that is effective, environmentally sustainable, and one that focuses on the importance of awareness practices as a foundational piece. His presentations provide remarkable information and clinical experience drawn from decades of work with people from various cultures of the world. Health practitioners as well as anyone with an interest in cutting-edge nutritional and lifestyle healing can benefit from this event. His program in Denver will feature his latest research on ancient diets as well as his renowned Regenerative Health Plan, which is a clear and simple method for overcoming virtually all common degenerations.

Paul is a compassionate teacher who has influenced tremendous positive shifts in the world through his integrative approach which shows how to navigate a personal path to enduring well-being.

Further down in this email is a short write-up that describes main points of the seminar. In addition, go to _www.cherubinichiropractic.com_ ( to gain access to full details of the program including the registration form. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you! 

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Metta Guan Yin: The One of grace and foundational healing

Healing with Whole Foods – an Integrative Approach
Join Paul Pitchford, author of Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition in Denver, Colorado for this incredible two-day seminar!

This event will provide insights into the proven pathways for overcoming imbalance and fortifying vitality; it will highlight Paul Pitchford’s most successful nutritional and lifestyle approaches–drawn from a fusion of traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic healing arts as well as current scientific studies.

  • Learn why heightened awareness improves healing response
  • Remedies for major syndromes found in Western peoples–damp excesses; liver stagnation; and the yin depletion and stress patterns
  • A module on dietary essentials including teachings on beneficial fats and oils, differing protein sources, water quality, the carbohydrate controversy, “glyconutrient”-type polysaccharides for immunity and renewal, and food combining for better digestive health
  • A diagnostic clinical “theatre” where you can observe Paul Pitchford’s approach to nutritional consultation along with an effective, simplified client intake form
  • Remarkable value of rural Asian plant-based diets
  • Seasonal food patterns and good eating habits
  • The Regenerative Health Plan–universal nutritional therapy that can be modified for virtually all people
  • How to secure dietary compliance for ourselves and clients–our greatest nutritional challenge

Date & Time

September 22 & 23, 2012 9:00am–5:30pm


Cherubini Chiropractic 951 E 6th Avenue Denver, CO 80218


Dr Liza Cherubini
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Weekend Seminar
Student with ID $300
CEU Credits Available Through NCCAOM
Contact Dr Liza Cherubini (above) for more information

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