Noah’s Wish List – September 2012

Noah, is a 3 yr old with brain damage/CP. He can’t walk or talk, the family could really use help. Below is some items that Noah and the family desperately need, if you are able too we encourage you to help out in any form that you can, even if it’s just hitting one or more the share options to the right.

Noah’s Wish List:


  • Adaptive Bike
  • Wike Bike Premium Double Trailer so we could walk and jog with Noah and his little brother ($800 after needed extra accessories for Noah) – Wike Bikes specialize in special needs
  • A handicapped  accessible playhouse for therapy sessions, homeschooling and to be able to play like other children (example) ($8,000-$10,000 to make it handicapped accessible)
  • A Stander so Noah could weight bear on his legs
  • Tilt-in-space bath chair
  • High back wrap around bath chair with padding
  • Special Tomato Jogger Stroller
  • Therapy Wedges and bolsters
  • Conductive Education therapy furniture
  • Miniwalk gait trainer
  • Freedom walker
  • Kidwalk
  • Wheelchair Ramps for the house
  • Hardwood/pergo flooring for the home to make it so Noah could use a gait trainer to walk inside his house
  • Handicapped accessible modified bathroom with roll-in shower
  • Wheelchair height adjustable table
  • Walkable stander/balance and gait trainer
  • Abilitations Integrations Dream Chair Inflatable

Almost all of Noah’s Therapies are out of pocket costs:  Medicaid will not cover his Feledenkrais, Warm Water Therapy, Cranial Sacral, Acpuncture, Hippotherapy, or Conductive Education.

We would love to travel for ABM therapy in California with Anat Baniel, ranging $2,800 every 3 months; Dolphin Therapy in Florida which costs $2,200 for 5 days We’d also like to take Noah for Therasuit Therapy which is $1,650 each week and would be 4 weeks of therapy, None of these therapies take into consideration travel costs, food or hotel accomodations.