Our Services and Hours

Calm Spirit Acupuncture is an acupuncture clinic and Chinese herb pharmacy in Arvada that is designed to help you find the best way for you to heal. We strive to provide you with a relaxing and calming environment for your healing experience.

We use the traditional diagnostic skills combined with modern medical knowledge to help you find the root of the imbalance. At Calm Spirit our focus is on restoring your health and promoting wellness through:

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Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 9am to 6pm
Tuesday & Friday 9am to 7pm
Saturday 8am to 5pm

When coming for your acupuncture treatment it is best to have eaten within a couple of hours of coming, and to wear loose and comfortable clothing.   It is best to not get chilled after your treatment so try to dress appropriately for the weather.  First appointments typically last 60-90 minutes make sure you have allowed enough time for your appointment.  Please bring any records that may be related to your ailments.