Preventing Pre-Diabetes with Holistic Approaches


We asked our Naturopathic Dr (Dr Burgess) what she would do with a Pre-Diabetic diagnosis for a patient that wants to treat and prevent as holistic as possible without medications and she says:

How do I think about them? I think about activity, diet, stress level, family history, and physiolgy.
We have to make sure his beta cells in his pancreas are responding to the glucose influx, that his cells in his liver are doing a good job of responding to insulin and taking up the glucose, that his glucose isn’t staying too long in his blood vessels and causing glycosylation of red blood cells. I would look at his hgb A1c and his fasting glucose and enzymatic function for starting measures.

I would then explain that he needs to get at least 150 minutes of exercise a week, explain how his diet is affecting his glucose levels, add biotin and chromium to his supplement list and potentially add a couple of herbs.

I think about every patient in both mental and physiological planes before I decide what to do for them.

It is worth a consult with her looking over your blood work from your MD or regular doctor appointments or having her run some specific blood work that sometimes MD’s do not order.

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