Shonishin Pediatric Acupuncture

Pediatric acupuncture is a great way to keep your kiddos healthy, balanced, boost their immunity and strengthen their constitution

All without Needles! 

autumnWhat does Shonishin Acupuncture treat?

  • Weak constitution, weak immune system, colds, cough
  • Colic, excessive night crying, temper tantrums, behavior issues
  • Digestive health, GERD, constipation, diarrhea
  • Night terrors, sleep issues
  • Hyperactivity, ADHD, focus
  • Allergies, asthma
  • Eczema, hives, and skin disorders
  • Ear infections
  • Bedwetting


When and Where?

       With this new program I, Autumn Jensen L.Ac., would like to visit your school once or twice a month to treat the children who are interested in receiving this special treatment. Regular treatments will keep the children healthy, well behaved, and balanced.

If any children would benefit from more regular treatment or have specific concerns that require more time, I am available to see them during my pediatric clinic hours on Saturdays at Calm Spirit Acupuncture.


How to sign up?

Parents need to fill out and sign the attached paperwork and confirm how they would like to pay. Once the forms have been filled out, I can begin treating them during the designated time we have agreed on.


How much does it cost?

Treatments are $30. Parents can pay by cash, check, or Autumn can keep their credit card information on file and charge per visit. For their convenience, they can choose to pay for multiple treatments up front and Autumn can notify them when they need to pay again.


*If you are interested in this opportunity, we can discuss the details and schedule times that work best for your students and your school.


Pediatric Full Moon and New Moon Treatments

What is Pediatric Acupuncture? (AKA Shonishin)

Shonishin, a style of pediatric acupuncture, is a non-invasive form of acupuncture for infants and children. It was developed in the 1700’s in Japan. It is a very gentle and effective form of treatment for children. Needles are not needed because the qi of children is so easy to access. Instead of needles the practitioner will use small tools to stimulate points and meridians by tapping or brushing. Because the qi of children is so easy to access, it is also easily disrupted. That’s why regular Shonishin treatments are so good for children. And, because Shonishin is noninvasive and not painful, both children and parents like it. Not only does Shonishin treat many childhood illnesses, it also helps to strengthen the child’s constitution along with strengthening their immune system to maintain good health. Shonishin is gentle and simple, yet effective.


toolsWhat are Full Moon and New Moon Treatment?

A full moon treatment is a Shonishin treatment that takes place monthly at the full moon and new moon.  These treatments are designed as balancing treatment that strengthen the child’s constitution and boost their immunity. Your child doesn’t need to be sick or have any complaints or symptoms to benefit from a full moon treatment. This is a great opportunity to keep your child in good health or get your child into better health.


What does a treatment look like?

A full moon and new moon treatment lasts between 15-20 minutes. The practitioner will take the child’s wrist pulse and palpate the child in order to make a diagnosis. Shonishin tools will be used to massage and stimulate certain acupuncture points and meridians. Because this is so gentle most children become very relaxed and enjoy it. The child should wear loose fitting clothes that can be pulled up to access the arms, legs, abdomen, and back.  (Depending on the comfort level of the child, they can choose to remove their shirt and just wear shorts)


What about herbal medicine?

There are many great Chinese herbal pediatric formulas. Some of the most common help upset stomach, sinus congestion, ear aches, allergies, and shorten colds. I will let you know if I feel that your child would benefit from adding an herbal formula.