Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Alexia Bennetts, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.

Alexia BennettsAlexia Bennetts (Lexie) was first treated with acupuncture and Chinese medicine in her early 20’s for sinus and menstrual problems. She had seen western medicine doctors for these ailments, was given the usual pain medications, and was told some of these issues were just genetic and not likely to change much. After a couple months of treatment with Chinese medicine, she felt better than ever and knew this was a medicine she wanted to learn more about.

In 1999 she became a licensed acupuncturist in Colorado. Lexie especially enjoys treating pain, women’s issues, digestive problems, and sinus/allergy conditions. She collaborates with other physicians and healthcare providers to promote total patient balance and health. She believes that in order to heal the mind, body, and soul there needs to be a combination of approaches and gentle care. Lexie marries east with the west with degrees in Oriental Medicine and Biology, along with experience from EAS, a sport nutrition supplement company. This diverse background, along with having more than 2,000 hours of eastern medicine training, gives Lexie a well-rounded foundation in health, nutrition, and fitness. During her years of practice, Lexie has maintained and advanced her skills and knowledge, as a current member of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and by taking continuing education classes.


IMG_6021She consistently treats her patients at Calm Spirit Acupuncture with gentleness, empathy and professionalism. Chinese Medicine recognizes good health includes balancing the mental, spiritual and physical aspects in one’s life. This is accomplished using a variety of “tools” including educating the client in diet, lifestyle choices and preventative strategies; acupuncture; herbal remedies; manual massage-like techniques to restore health. Lexie genuinely listens to her patients and creates treatment plans that will fit their health and wellness needs and understands that healing begins at the root of the illness.

Lexie is grateful to her clients for the success of the practice, noting “the main source of referrals is word-of-mouth from our happy and loyal clients.”

Ask Lexie about her four young boys and she will tell you how much she enjoys living each day to the fullest with her very active, happy and healthy family.

Lieum Fallon, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.

Lieum FallonHaving grown up with asthma and allergies, Lieum knows what if feels like to be sick all of the time. Spending a lifetime on medications that had little positive effect, she didn’t even consider acupuncture as a possible solution until her math professor in graduate school suggested she see her acupuncturist.

By this time Lieum had already had two back surgeries and continued to have low back pain and felt like she had a continuous sinus infection or cold. She started seeing a Japanese style acupuncturist, Elizabeth Talcott in San Diego and loved the experience. The results came over time and she became hooked. She had never felt this good on any medication. Eventually she stopped taking all medication and controlled her infrequent symptoms with Chinese herbs.

Shortly after completing her master’s in Mathematics, she decided to change her career and go back to school in 2005. Lieum graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California with a Masters of Oriental Medicine in 2008. The Master’s degree in Oriental medicine is a four-year graduate program with 191.5 units and 3,510 credit hours of theory and clinical practice. Lieum is certified as a Diplomate of Acupuncture by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, as well as a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Colorado and California. Lieum is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine along with Japanese acupuncture (taught by Elizabeth Talcott), Tui Na, NAET allergy elimination and the Balance Method taught by Dr. Richard Tan.

She especially enjoys treating people with immune system difficulties and allergies. Having come from an analytical background and a family of scientific thinkers, Lieum was a serious skeptic of acupuncture. She is certainly a believer now. And the best part is that you don’t have to believe, just try it.

Sonal Patel, L.Ac., RRT

After working as a Respiratory Therapist in the hospital setting for eight years, Sonal decided to shift her career path towards Eastern Medicine. Witnessing patients struggle with the side effects of pharmaceuticals and lack of diet & lifestyle education in hospitals she became intrigued by Chinese Medicine and its research on how it can naturally heal various ailments.

Upon acceptance into a program and simultaneously being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, Sonal decided to take herbs and receive acupuncture. Within four weeks time her endocrine system balanced with an ease that made her realize Chinese Medicine would not only be a new profession but a significant piece of her daily life.

Sonal is committed to guiding individuals on their path in body, mind and spirit through herbs, acupuncture and diet/lifestyle adjustments. By treating the root of the problem and supporting the body’s natural healing mechanism, she has helped patients find relief from acute and chronic pain, allergies, migraines, digestive disturbances, gynecological, and mental health issues.

Sonal received her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University in 2015, Santa Cruz, California. She works at Calm Spirit Acupuncture as a licensed acupuncturist. She also works at St. Joseph’s Hospital as a registered respiratory therapist.

Leslie Burgess, ND, BCN, CNS, LMP

Leslie“The patients I see in my office; often report they truly feel heard. At every appointment, the patient and I assess any changes in quality of life and what we can do to accomplish their goals. I have spent the vast majority of my life in the healthcare field from candy striper to doctor and what I have seen time and time again to be of most benefit to the patient, is the doctor genuinely caring for and listening to the patient.”

Dr. Burgess is a licensed naturopathic doctor, board certified in neurofeedback and reading quantitative EEGs. She has also earned the title of Certified Nutrition Specialist, a certificate in plant based nutrition, and holds a license in massage therapy. Dr. Burgess uses neurofeedback, nutrition, manual therapies, and botanical medicine to address complaints of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, traumatic brain injuries, gastrointestinal disorders, chronic diseases and muscle pain along with or without joint pain. In addition to the various therapies used to address the complaint, she is careful to go over your assessment data and/or lab work with you so that you understand your values and what they mean for you.

To make an appointment call our front office at: (303) 467-5337
You can contact her via e-mail: or visit her website at

Nancy Harnum RN, MS

nancyNancy Harnum is a Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree in Health  Science.  Most recently Nancy Graduated from the Institute of the Taoist Education and Acupuncture (ITEA) a Five Element School in Louisville, CO December of 2016.

Nancy is currently working at Calm Spirit as a  Graduate Intern of Five Element Acupuncture specializing in Laser Acupuncture and Zero Balancing (ZB).

Laser Acupuncture or Aculaser works the same as Acupuncture without the use of needles.  Nancy also uses the Pilot Laser which is a warm therapeutic Class IV diode laser.  This laser treats acute and chronic pain, inflammation, and increases wound healing.

Zero Balancing is a form of body work that engages the bone structure with gentle manipulation.  Many of our emotions, trauma, & life crisis often sit at the bone level in our bodies.  ZB helps a client move forward physically, emotionally, and spiritually.   The use of Zero Balancing bodywork frees the client of heavy bone densities creating a “lighter feeling” after treatment and helps resolve unconscious “held” trauma at the bone level.

Nancy is originally from Pennsylvania, lived in New Jersey for 10 years and  has lived in Colorado since 2000 with her husband and three children.

Education and Background
BSN Temple University
MSA Central Michigan University
MS Oriental Medicine ITEA
RN license in the State of CO


JillJill is a 2013 graduate from Boulder College of Massage Therapy and specializes in Sports and Orthopedic Massage, Therapeutic Deep Tissue, and Swedish Massage. She’ll customize each session to best fit her individual client’s needs. Jill offers specific, detailed bodywork, in addition to addressing the body as a whole. Jill enjoys working with clients of all ages from Pediatric to Geriatric! Jill grew up in the Midwest and moved to Colorado in June 2012. A true animal lover, she also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. Her favorite activities are horseback riding, hiking, reading, cooking, and traveling. Jill is loving life in Colorado so far and is excited to do more exploring in her new state!
Modalities offered: Swedish Massage, Sports and Orthopedic Massage,
Deep Tissue Massage, Prenatal Massage, Pediatric Massage, Geriatric Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy


NateI grew up in South Africa and moved to Colorado in 1998. I studied at the Boulder College of Massage and graduated in the Summer of 2008. After spending many years in the corporate world as well as travelling and taking on many careers, I have a good understanding of how people carry stress and just need help to unwind. I have always loved working with and helping people but nothing has ever been as rewarding as using massage to help people feel better mentally, emotionally and physically.

My work includes long slow strokes while integrating the manipulation of soft tissue, using trigger point therapy in areas that are restricted and using deep tissue techniques when necessary. I particularly enjoy working on the shoulders and neck and find that I get good results when working out stresses or injuries.

I fully believe that your session is your time and it should be all about your needs. Everyone has their own idea of what relaxation means to them and I work with you to ensure that you get the full extent of your treatment. The work I do ranges from very light Swedish Massage to Deep Tissue Sports Massage.

I hope that on your journey through life, our paths will cross and that I will be able to help relieve you of your aches, pains and stresses.


chelsea bunker pic

Chelsea is a transplant from the greater Seattle area, where she grew up showing horses in dressage and jumping. Through doing manual labor as a teen and crash landing a time or two, she learned firsthand the value of receiving massage as a tool for recovery, as well as the importance of preventative maintenance.

She became a massage therapist in 2013, when she graduated Boulder College of Massage. Since then, she extended her education with Boulder College of Massage to get her Associates in Occupational Studies (1200+ hours), in which her main-focus was Sports Massage, and Orthopedic Massage. She is a certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist through Klose Training, as well. Chelsea has also worked around the spa industry, and enjoys giving a relaxing, Swedish massage, or hot stone massage as much as she enjoys doing treatment work. In her free time, she is a full-time college student, outdoor enthusiast, and animal lover, with two horses and a dog.

Modalities Trained in: Orthopedic massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy Technique, Facilitated Stretching, Swedish/Deep Swedish, Prenatal/Perinatal Massage, Geriatric Massage, Cranial Sacral Release, Energy work, Shiatsu Massage, Relaxation Massage, Body wraps and scrubs, Hot Stone Massage


Kristi is a Colorado Licensed massage therapist with a specialty in reflexology. She was first introduced to reflexology in 1989 after a near death experience with pneumonia. She furthered her education in 1997 and was originally licensed as a massage therapist in Oregon.

Kristi has lived in 8 states and Canada. She has worked in nursing homes, a women’s fitness center, chiropractic offices, day spas and private practice. She was also the first, on staff reflexologist at Longmont United hospital in Colorado.

In 1997 Kristi wrote and produced a Hand Reflexology DVD and workbook entitled “Reaching Out to Touch and Teach Every Hand on the Planet” She was also a presenter at the 1999 International Council of Reflexologists’ conference in Hawaii.

In 2009, Kristi wrote Tapping In – healing Yourself One Question at a Time. This book is designed to help all those who are seeking health answers from a new perspective. This work has saved her life and continues to save her life. Kristi offers an “Energy Healing for the Soul” session which allows her to use her Tapping In method along with multiple hands-on therapies to release blocks within the body.

Christina Jimenez


As a graduate from Heritage College after receiving an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Studies in Therapeutic Massage in July 2013. I have been trained in many modalities and techniques including, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Sports massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Prenatal massage, Swedish, Medical massage, Sports Injury massage. I am also certified in TMJ and Intra-Oral Massage Therapy for those suffering from clenching, grinding, migraines, and chronic face and neck pain. My passion for massage was discovered while helping my mother with Scoliosis, Nerve Damage, and pain management. Now my mission is to help each client with pain and discomfort. I have been using essential oils and studying them for the last two years. I recently have been using cold stones to help heal injuries, TMJ, sinus pressure, and migraines along with certain essential oils.

Marcella Atencio


Marcella was born in Colorado and is a native of Arvada. After several years in the medical/ wellness field, Marcella made the decision to be hands-on and pursue a license in esthetics. She attended the College of International Esthetics in Arvada, CO. Since then she has worked in the field performing both classic and medical treatments of the skin and body.

Marcella’s comprehensive knowledge of the skin, product ingredients and diverse knowledge in treatment techniques allows her to effectively alleviate common skin conditions. Skin conditions such as aging, wrinkles, sun-damage, dark-spots, discoloration, dry/dehydrated skin, roughness, acne, blemishes, rosacea, sensitive-skin, and tired/dull skin. Being a Colorado native she understands the many skin aliments caused by both the altitude and seasonal changes and has a passion for helping her clients meet their skincare goals.

Throughout her career Marcella has found a passion for hair-removal and offers full body waxing for men and women.

Marcella’s relatable-nurturing personality allows clients to feel comfortable throughout their treatments. She is an attentive listener and progress driven esthetician. She believes heavily in continuing education to provide the most advanced techniques and knowledge.

Carrie Sarazin

IMG_2238Carrie first fell in love her practice of Bikram yoga at Vital Yoga 18 years ago when she was looking to seek a deeper understanding of the mind body connection. Her teacher, Micah Springer encouraged her to further her studies and in 2010 Carrie took her Vital Roots teacher training and began teaching at Vital. Then in January of 2013 co-owner and sister, Desi Springer, began collaborating with John Friend to systematize her Bowspring postural method.

Since then, Carrie has exclusively taught and practiced the Bowspring method of alignment. A dynamic, pulsing series of movements that honor the body’s natural curves. This practice helps develop a deep relationship with feeling buoyant, confident and elevates both attitude and booty!

Carrie loves teaching the Bowspring method because it challenges individuals to step outside the norm of their modern yoga poses. In Carrie’s class you will get the chance to practice the radiant heart opening of dynamic movements that the Bowspring offers.

The Bowspring practice has helped Carrie find the inner compassion to give countless hours of service outside the studio, through giving back to her spiritual community of recovering individuals with eating disorders. Carrie offers massage in her Golden home. And as a lifelong learner, after 25 years of snowboarding, she devotes herself to deeper self-awareness by taking up snow skating in the winter and river surfing in the summer months.


Bianca was initially drawn to prenatal yoga with the pregnancy of her son, since the benefits were so clearly realized she enrolled and completed a 200 hr RYT training specializing in vinyasa. She offers classes that align breath with movement, linking the mind and body into a moving meditation. She is currently obtaining her 300 RYT so she can deepen her experience and knowledge with Ayurvedic yogic teachings and practices. In her free time Bianca enjoys painting, watching her son Noah blossom into a witty, light hearted child, and cooking and traveling with her family.

Kristen Schneck

Kristen serves the community as a yoga teacher and holistic health coach.

After practicing yoga for 12 years she certified to teach hatha vinyasa yoga in 2013 and more recently yin. A student first, she is always seeking to learn more about herself and the practice. As a teacher or guide in the practice, she loves facilitating the journey of coming home to oneself in body, mind and spirit and empowering her students to live life to the fullest by cultivating self love and acceptance. She uses breath and movement to encourage the release of old stories while opening to the divine within. Many of her students come for the physical challenge and lighthearted approach, but stay for the connection and space to explore with radical curiosity. Her vinyasa classes are known for their thoughtful and creative sequencing and music. Kristen teaches weekly group classes, workshops, and retreats, private and semi-private classes. She works with kids through older adults.

As a board certified holistic health coach, Kristen offers a natural approach to balancing and maintaining wellness in a realistic and sustainable way through food and lifestyle choices. Kristen firmly believes that it is critical to align with nature as much as possible for our own well being and that of the planet. As a doTERRA wellness advocate she educates people on the many uses of essential oils, nature’s gifts for our health and wellness.

Growing up in Massachusetts, Kristen practiced yoga with her mom and aunt as a toddler, but didn’t pick her personal practice back up until moving to Los Angeles in 2000. During her 10 years in Southern California, her practice evolved tremendously while she explored Kundalini, Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow styles of yoga and quickly noticed the positive effect it had on all areas of her life. Shortly after moving to Colorado, and having her second child, she knew it was time to dive deeper in order to properly share her love of the practice with others. She found her teachers: Shannon Paige, Nancy Kate Williams, and Gina Caputo in Boulder, who guided her through her yoga teaching certification and who she continues to look to for inspiration and growth.

When not teaching/coaching, Kristen loves to compete in triathlons, surf, read, snowboard, sing, dance, and get lost in nature and frolic with her husband and kids. She also loves to spend time with herself, friends and strangers (future friends) at workshops, festivals, classes and retreats.

Kristen’s aim is to remain in conscious evolution while being and becoming the best version of herself and offering others the encouragement and empowerment to do the same.

Adi Luna

Adi Is a E-RYT 200, registered with the Yoga Alliance. She offers classes that craft a constant alignment of Asana (postures), Pranayama (breath work), and Svadyaya (self study), creating mindful transitions trough strength, focus and kindness, always, always finding a playful space.

Adi also works with children, she has developed a format through Recycl-Art Yoga (Yoga and Art), that offers developmental reinforcement for fine and gross motor skills, behavior shift, confidence, problem solving and decision making through mindful practices such as Meditation, humming, a by creating a piece of artwork made entirely with recycled materials provided by her.

Play is the highest form of research -Albert Einstein

Terry Knoll

Terry was a Calm Spirit patient for two years before joining Lexie’s staff. Her main back office duties include billing and bookkeeping.

Terry spends her spare time with her husband, gardening, and playing Pickleball. She volunteers with her dog, Scooter, as part of a Pet Therapy team at a local hospital and trains her other dog, Chloe, in Nosework.


My name is Judy. I have been with Lexie for a few years. Occasionally you will see me at the front desk, but otherwise I am behind the scenes doing fun things like making pillowcases, neck pillows, magnets and what ever else comes up.



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