Stop Smoking – Smoking Cessation Program

Stop smoking with the help of Health professionals, the Mayo Clinic, and Acupuncture
Total package  $380.00. 
4 week program includes:
• FREE 60min Interview/Consultation with a Registered Nurse.
•  3 Step plan from the Mayo Clinic and individualized care.
• Placement & Take home Acu-Ear Kit seeds to alleviate cravings.
•  Aculaser De-tox and Five Element Body work every week.
•  Community Acupuncture twice a week by appointment at 5211 McIntyre Street for support and well being.
Nancy Harnum RN has experience in Cardiac Surgery Research, is an Associate Professor in Public Health, and  Graduate intern of Five Element Acupuncture & Body Work.
Please visit Nancy’s LinkedIn page and staff info for more detail on professional background and education.