Thai Massage with Brian Cook

Thai Massage with Brian Cook


Since 1987 Brian has practiced an eclectic style of bodywork. Early training included Swedish Massage, Shiatzu, Polarity and movement based practices such as Feldenkreis Movement and Yoga.

More recent studies have included Thai Yoga Massage, and Qigong Healing, as well as practices of Taoist Tai Chi and Qigong.

But bodywork isn’t an exhibit of technique. Each session is approached as an exploration of
how you live in your body. How can we create space, lengthening and balance?

What do you need? Most likely, your session will be a combination of Western and Eastern approaches unless of course you request one particular style.

We always begin with a verbal “intake” addressing how you’re feeling, and what you may like to
achieve during a session.

We may begin with some movement exercises; we will work on a mat on the floor using stretching and compression; we may work on a foam roller…

No two sessions will look the same. The therapist may recommend stretching or movement practices for self-maintenance.

Please wear comfortable, stretchy clothes as though you were going to a yoga class or workout.

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