Yoga for Athletes Class

Balance your Yang with More Yin “Calm” Energy!

Great for runners and cyclists,
Instructor, Adi offers a balancing and strengthening yoga class to help athletes of all ages, abilities and experience levels to perform at your optimum fitness level.

Starts November 13th
Sundays 3- 4pm

$12 drop in class fee
or $90 for the 10-class pack
Call to reserve your spot—class size limited to 13

Athletes have the ability to improve peak performance through yoga.  Here are some examples of how:

  1. Build strength and improve lean muscle mass, most notably with respect to several muscle groups that are underutilized in your chosen athletic discipline.  Enhance core body stability and significantly impede overuse injury by strengthening the supportive but otherwise underdeveloped muscles surrounding the more utilized muscles.  This creates more balanced and optimally functional overall strength.
  2. Improve coordination and balance.  Better balance and coordination means enhanced control over how you move your body, which in turn leads to better technique and form.
  3. Yoga improves joint and muscular flexibility, which is crucial to the body’s overall structural soundness, which translates to greater range of motion.   You’ll be less likely to suffer an overuse injury.
  4. Stop the mental chatter.  Improve your mental approach toward the challenges of training and racing.  Learn to breathe and stay calm.  Savasana is where the magic happens

Yoga for athletes

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